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22ndAnnual Congress on Neonatology & Pediatrics, will be organized around the theme “Existing patterns in Neonatology & Pediatrics Research”

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Neonatology is a branch of medicine concerned with the care, development, and diseases of newborn infants. This field of Pediatrics include the care and management of new born babies who are premature or who born at term but have infections, heart disease or any other health complications.


The perinatal period can be described as the period around the birth of the Baby. It Commences at 22 completed weeks of gestation and culminates seven days after the birth of the baby. Neonatal Care and Perinatal care plays a significant role in maintaining the health of the newborn baby.


Neonatal Diabetes Mellitus is a monogenic form of diabetes that occurs in the first six months of life. If the diabetes is not controlled during the gestation period, the newborn may have increased levels of sugar in the body, resulting in neonatal diabetes.


Neonatal Ophthalmology deals with the anatomy, physiology ailments and therapeutic care of the eyeball and orbit of the newborn babies. Some of the common eye disorders diagnosed are amblyopia, conjunctivitis, blocked tear ducts, pediatric glaucoma, pediatric cataracts, orbital tumors, strabismus.


Neonatal Nutrition is the depiction of the dietary needs of neonates and infants. Clinicians and dietitians can be best consulted to determine the importance of Nutrition in maintaining the health of the infants.


Neonatal Syndromes include the group of diseases that usually occur in children. Some of the common Neonatal Syndromes include Multiple congenital abnormalities, Turner syndrome, Noonan Syndrome etc., These either occur due to the genetic variations or due to the medication is taken by the mother during pregnancy.


Neonatal Research topics include Preterm Birth complications and outcomes, Preterm Birth Growth study. Neonatal Research lay down to the early prediction of Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia. It also helped in studying the neonatal factors which can predict the respiratory and gastrointestinal morbidity.


Endocrine disorders in the neonates are often diagnosed nowadays. These may lead to life-threatening sequences if not recognized. Some of the neonatal endocrine disorders include congenital hyperplasia, neonatal thyrotoxicosis, and hypopituitarism.


It deals with the study of the latest advances in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of pediatric neurological disorders. Neurology helps in the management of congenital motor abnormalities in children.


Maternal and neonatal environmental factors are associated with the risk of infection. Therefore, the study of these risk factors helps in preventing and managing various infectious diseases in the infants.


Neonatal Surgery is a subspecialty of Pediatric Surgery. Neonatal Surgery offers specialist surgical treatment for neonates suffering from congenital conditions as well as diseases.


It is a field of Science that is used to review the main causes of neonatal respiratory diseases and its findings on the radiograph. Various signs are being proposed as a means of facilitating the diagnosis of hypoxia in the neonates.